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No, the Halbig case isn’t going to destroy Obamacare

TCF fellow, Harold Pollack, is quoted in Ezra Klein's article on Vox about the Halbig case.

The Halbig case could destroy Obamacare. But it won't. The Supreme Court simply isn't going to rip insurance from tens of millions of people in order to teach Congress a lesson about grammar.

As Adrianna McIntyre explains, the Halbig case holds that Obamacare's subsidies are illegal in the 36 states where the federal government runs (or partly runs) the exchange. The plaintiffs rely on an unclearly worded sentence in the law to argue that Congress never intended to provide subsidies in federally-run exchanges and so the subsidies that are currently being provided in those 36 states are illegal and need to stop immediately.

Read the full article.

Tags: obamacare, healthcare exchanges, healthcare

Death on the Installment Plan

"Now we know: Rejecting the Medicaid expansion could kill nearly 6,000 people each year," writes TCF fellow Harold Pollack in Politico. Read Pollack's latest on a groundbreaking new study on health care in Massachusetts.

Tags: romneycare, politico, obamacare, medicaid expansion, medicaid, health reform, health care reform, health care, harold pollack, affordable care act

New RomneyCare Study Gives Glimpse of ObamaCare Costs

An article in The Hill cites TCF senior fellow Harold Pollack's recent blog post on a new RomneyCare study and its implications for the Affordable Care Act.

Tags: the hill, romneycare, obamacare, healthcare reform, health reform, health insurance, harold pollack, affordable care act

Could Obamacare Save 24,000 Lives a Year?

“Ten years of Romneycare data offer solid evidence that the Affordable Care Act could reduce the nation’s mortality rate,” writes TCF fellow Harold Pollack at the blog. Read Pollack’s full analysis of a new study of health care in Massachusetts at

Tags: romneycare, obamacare, healthcare reform, healthcare costs, health reform, health insurance, harold pollack, affordable care act

Study Says Tougher Enforcement Doesn’t Seem to Make Illegal Drugs More Expensive

TCF fellow Harold Pollack is cited at Firedoglake regarding his report on the social costs of aggressive drug enforcement.

Read the full article here and see Pollack's report here.

Tags: legal marijuana, harold pollack, drug war, drug prices, drug markets, drug enforcement, dea

Wonkbook: Will There Be Another Debt Ceiling Fight

TCF fellow Harold Pollack’s post on the latest Obamacare lawsuit lands in Wonkblog’s roundup of the day’s must-read policy writing. If you missed it, check out Pollack's post at The Washington Post. Check out Wonkblog’s must-reads here.

Tags: wonkblog, obamacare lawsuit, obamacare, harold pollack


Social Insurance

Social Insurance

Compared to other advanced nations, America’s retirement security and health care systems offer weaker protections against risks we all face. The Century Foundation’s work focuses on ideas for strengthening Social Security, pensions, and health care – including steps for building on the Affordable Care Act.

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