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A Billion-Dollar ‘Narco Junior’ Cuts a Deal

TCF senior fellow Patrick Radden Keefe's latest for The New Yorker details the case of Vicente Zambada-Niebla, a "second-generation drug trafficker."


Vicente Zambada-Niebla, who is thirty-nine years old, is what Mexicans call a “narco junior”—a second-generation drug trafficker. His father, Ismael Zambada, who is known as El Mayo, has long been the No. 2 man in the dominant drug-trafficking organization in the Americas, the Sinaloa Cartel. In 2009, Vicente Zambada was arrested by Mexican authorities and promptly extradited to Chicago, where he was expected to stand trial for importing drugs to that city as a key logistics manager for the cartel.

Read Keefe's full article at The New Yorker.

Tags: zambada niebla, the new yorker, patrick radden keefe, mexican drug war, drug trafficking, drug cartel

Tech Against Human Trafficking and Illicit Networks

TCF senior fellow Patrick Radden Keefe recently participated in Gigaom's Structure Data conference on the subject of illicit networks and the role of technology in human trafficking. 

Find more information about Keefe's session here.

Tags: the new yorker, technology, tech, patrick radden keefe, international crime, illicit networks, human trafficking, gigaom, crime

Watch: Patrick Radden Keefe Discusses ‘El Chapo’ on CNN

What happens when an "uncatchable" drug kingpin gets caught? TCF senior fellow and international crime expert Patrick Radden Keefe shares his thoughts on the case of Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán with CNN's Jake Tapper.

Watch the interview between Tapper and Keefe at CNN's "The Lead with Jake Tapper."

Tags: patrick radden keefe, mexican drug war, jake tapper, el chapo, drug conglomerate, dea, cnn, cartel

Tech Against Human Trafficking and Illicit Networks

March 19, 2014 at 1:55 PM
TCF senior fellow Patrick Radden Keefe discusses how big data is helping to map, expose, and disrupt illicit technology.

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Banning the Muslim Brotherhood might backfire on Egypt’s leaders

TCF senior fellow Michael Hanna quoted in The Week on Egypt's escalated campaign against the Muslim Brotherhood. A court banned on Monday all of the Islamist organization's activities, including social programs like health clinics and schools. Hanna tells The Week, "A ban represents a blunt approach in which there is no space for the Brotherhood in political and social life."


Foreign Policy

Foreign Policy

In the first years of the new century, an assertive foreign policy took a toll on the cultivated role of the U.S. as a responsible global leader. The Century Foundation's work in this area provides perspective on the international difficulties the U.S. is facing today, while providing policy recommendations to promote the nation's security interests. Our research and analysis focuses on effectively responding to challenges in the Middle East and Pakistan, as well as responding to international crime.

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