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“The Hunt for El Chapo” Named in Best of 2014

TCF senior fellow Patrick Radden Keefe's longform article featured in the May 5, 2014 issue of The New Yorker titled, "The Hunt for El Chapo," ranked at #4 among's top ten recommended articles of 2014. Radden Keefe's piece that looks deeply into the world's most powerful Mexican drug cartel was chosen among the 1,642 articles recommended.

We urge you to read the full longform piece.

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Tags: longreads, el chapo, drug crime, drug cartels

Down but Not Out: Youth and Revolution in Egypt and Beyond

The revolutionary wave of the 2011 Egyptian uprising is still being felt across the Arab region, even if just with less strength and influence. Although over half of the Egyptian population is under 25 years old, TCF fellow Thanssis Cambanis says that the Revolutionary Youth Coalition that is doggedly protesting for economic, social, and political reform is comprised of members ranging from young to old. "Youth is a state of mind," concedes one middle-aged Egyptian activist, proving that members from all demographics are pushing for a radical paradigm shift of the state.

Nevertheless, a set of new political ideas and processes has been unleashed in the Arab revolts. The energy of young street protesters catalyzed a moment of revolutionary potential, a moment that shattered the assumption of regime staying power and opened the way for competitive politics and new ideologies. That fundamental idea—that a peaceful popular movement can replace a repressive state with a responsive, democratic, just and egalitarian polity—has survived today in a battered condition.

Read Cambanis' full article from World Politics Review.

Tags: revolutionary youth coalition, reform, egyptian uprisings, egyptian revolution, arab spring

The End of Benjamin Netanyahu?

TCF fellow Michael Cohen asks the question, are we going to see a political shift in Israel in the near future? He explains that the left-wing political parties who have been traditionally unorganized and weak have began to give three-term Prime Minister Netanyahu a run for his money. Approximately 60% of Israelis would also like to see new leadership, which is likely attributed to Israel's decline in stability as a state.

But here’s why all of this matters for the United States: The future of the two-state solution could be hanging in the balance. A Netanyahu win would make any agreement in the next four years between Israel and the Palestinians practically unimaginable. Netanyahu appears to have little interest in talks, and the Palestinian leadership has even less interest in sitting down with him. His reelection would mean more settlements, more polarization, and a steady move further away from a resolution to the conflict.

Read the full article.

Tags: netanyahu, israel palestine peace, israel, elections

Dick Cheney’s Defense of CIA Torture Shows How Low We Can Go

December 16, 2014 BY: Michael Cohen TOPICS: Foreign Policy, National Security

The recent release of the CIA's torture report has gained considerable criticism from the media. On a recent episode of NBC's "Meet the Press" that featured Dick Cheney as a guest, the hysteria around U.S. torture methods became further substantiated by Cheney making absurd claims regarding the large margin of tortured detainees who were discovered to be innocent and denying that water-boarding is not technically a torture tactic. TCF fellow Michael Cohen says that if anything has come out of the torture report, it is the reminder that the U.S. is capable of going to great lengths to prevent terrorist attacks on their soil.

Nowhere does Cheney express any remorse for an individual killed by the US government who was neither a terrorist, nor a threat to Americans. The ends are justification enough for the means — whatever, it appears, those means happen to be. It begs the question of whether there is anything that the US government could do to allegedly prevent a terrorist attack that would shock the conscience of Cheney.

Read Cohen's full article from Boston Globe.

Tags: torture, terrorism, dick cheney

Three Ways to Increase Gun Safety in the Home

December 12, 2014 BY: Michael Cohen TOPICS: Foreign Policy, National Security

TCF fellow Michael Cohen raises awareness of the importance of gun safety with some startling statistics such as, "more Americans have been killed on US soil by 3-year-olds with guns than have died from Ebola or ISIS." He offers three suggested guidelines for how gun accidents can be minimized including: a) repurpose international defense spending into domestic gun safety spending b) require gun safes in all homes where a child under age 18 is present and c) begin a nationwide public education campaign about the dangers of keeping a loaded gun at home where children are present.

Reminding Americans that guns and curious children make for a potentially deadly mix isn’t infringing on people’s freedom or their right to bear arms. Indeed, there is no good reason for the NRA to oppose any of these measures — unless it wants to try to convince us that the only thing between a bad 3-year-old with a gun is a good 3-year-old with a gun.

Read Cohen's full article.

Tags: national security, gun safety, gun reform, budget policy

KeenON: Journalist and NSA Expert Barton Gellman

December 12, 2014 BY: Barton Gellman TOPICS: Foreign Policy, National Security

VIDEO: TCF fellow and Washington Post journalist Barton Gellman is interviewed on Techonomy with Andrew Keen speaking about Edward Snowden and how he sparked the "surveillance" conversation in the U.S.:

Tags: technology, surveillance, nsa


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Foreign Policy

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