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Peter Berg Tackling ‘The Hunt for El Chapo’ for Universal

TCF senior fellow Patrick Radden Keefe's long-form piece about the hunt and capture of infamous Mexican drug cartel leader Joaquin Guzman Loera which was published in the New Yorker is gaining recognition from outside the journalism field. Universal Pictures director Peter Berg recently picked up the rights to Keefe's article with the intention to turn the piece into a film. Berg will partner with screenwriter Craig Borten who is on board to write the adaptation.

Guzman was the head of the Sinaloa cartel and in the early 21st century became Mexico's top cartel kingpin. The U.S. Treasury Department called him "the world's most powerful drug trafficker," Forbes placed him on its list of most powerful people for three years and he was also listed as the 10th richest man in Mexico in 2011.

Check out further details on the project here.

Tags: mexican drug war, mexican cartel, film industry

All Eyes on India after Beijing Climate Deal

November 17, 2014 COMMENTARY BY: Neil Bhatiya TOPICS: Foreign Policy, Climate Change

TCF policy associate Neil Bhatiya has a piece up at Foreign Policy looking at the shifting norms regarding developing world commitments to climate change after the Obama-Xi summit.

Tags: obama, india, foreign policy, climate change, china

A U.S.-China Breakthrough

November 13, 2014 COMMENTARY BY: Neil Bhatiya TOPICS: Foreign Policy, Climate Change

In his latest piece for The Week, policy associate Neil Bhatiya takes a look at the U.S.-China climate agreement that was struck in Beijing, with pledges for emissions cuts by the United States and a target for peak emissions by the Chinese.

Tags: climate change

A Dialogue on Climate Change

November 10, 2014 COMMENTARY BY: Neil Bhatiya TOPICS: Foreign Policy, Climate Change

Over at Bloggingheads, I spoke with analyst Tim Kovach about a variety of climate change stories in the news: from the new IPCC report to the effect on American climate policy from the Republican victories in the midterm elections. Tim and and I also touched upon the ways in which the effects of climate change may contribute to geopolitical instability and potential conflict.

Tags: international conflict, geopolitics, climate change, bloggingheads, 2014 midterm

Today’s Empire Builders

November 4, 2014 BY: Stephen Schlesinger TOPICS: Foreign Policy

Imperialism is back in style, argues TCF fellow Stephen Schlesinger in his latest column for the Huffington Post. Says Schlesinger:

In dealing with today's empire builders, the first line of defense has been the 69-year-old United Nations, an organization which was expressly set up to prevent aggressors from taking other states. The UN Charter, under Article 2 Section 4, bars countries from threatening "the use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state..." But the UN's ability to settle border disputes and stop incursions is limited. The UN has no military, no navy, no airforce, no missiles, no financial assets, and can only act with the direct authorization of its Security Council.

Read the full article at Huffington Post.

Tags: un, nato, imperialism, foreign policy

Why the Fight Against Climate Change Needs More Win-Win Solutions

November 3, 2014 BY: Neil Bhatiya TOPICS: Foreign Policy, Climate Change

The new report from the IPCC highlights how self-interest could end up saving us all, says TCF policy associate Neil Bhatiya in his latest piece for The Week. Says Bhatiya:

This weekend, the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released its latest report, which amounts to the starkest warning yet that the world is on unsustainable path toward accelerated climate change. But in a survey filled with dour news, there was evidence that governments have hit on win-win solutions that can overcome the shortsighted political self-interest that has dogged the issue for decades.

Read the full article.

Tags: the week, ipcc, climate change


Foreign Policy

Foreign Policy

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