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Thanassis Cambanis on Egypt’s Unfinished Revolution

Earlier this year, TCF fellow Thanassis Cambanis published Once Upon a Revolution: An Egyptian Storya book following two revolutionary leaders before, during, and after the 2011 Egyptian Revolution. Recently, Cambanis sat down with Cicero for a wide-ranging interview on his book and Egypt's path since the revolution.

I believe this story contains much of the potential for transformative change, a change sadly still unrealized in Egypt. We have witnessed remarkable transformations at the individual level, however, and I expect that many of these activists and thinkers will play a role in Egyptian life and politics for decades to come.

The full interview is available here.

Tags: thanassis cambanis, foreign policy, egyptian revolutionaries, egyptian revolution, egyptian government

The Past’s First Lesson: Beware of False Historical Analogies

May 27, 2015 BY: Michael Cohen TOPICS: Foreign Policy

Foreign policy analysts often look to the past in an attempt to find events analogous to present-day issues. Recently, some pundits have compared Barack Obama to Neville Chamberlain, while others have relied on the Iraq War to argue against other foreign interventions. TCF fellow Michael Cohen argues that pundits must approach contemporary issues in their own context, rather than relying on simple historical analogies.

It’s a problem that exists across the political spectrum—both for hawks, who view any willingness to utilize diplomacy or deal with nefarious regimes as another Munich and any reluctance to use military force as a concession to tyrants; and for doves, for whom every military intervention is Iraq War II and every alleged government cover-up is the Pentagon Papers redux.

Cohen's full article is available here.

Tags: war in iraq, nsa leaks, media, iran nuclear deal, foreign policy

How Mitch McConnell Accidentally Doomed the Patriot Act

May 26, 2015 COMMENTARY BY: Sam Adler-Bell TOPICS: Foreign Policy, National Security

Despite his scare tactics that have worked in the past, Senator McConnell’s hackneyed rhetoric fell short during the most recent Patriot Act vote in the Senate.


Wake Up, Pakistan: A Recap

May 26, 2015 COMMENTARY BY: The Century Foundation TOPICS: Foreign Policy, Addressing Challenges in the Afghanistan - Pakistan Region

Publically launched at events held in both Washington, D.C., and Islamabad, Wake Up, Pakistan—a report authored by The Century Foundation's International Working Group on Pakistan—has received coverage in various publications.


Marco Rubio’s tough-guy act on foreign policy

As with many qualms of presidential candidates, Florida Senator Marco Rubio's latest speech on foreign policy was severely lacking in any substantial concrete policy visions. TCF fellow Michael Cohen confirms that, like many presidents, Rubio talks a big game, but rarely has much to say in terms of specific actions he would like to take if elected.

He offered the oft-heard — and untrue — GOP assertion that President Obama has retreated from the world. He assailed the president for hundreds of billions in defense cuts — cuts that are a direct result of the budget caps a Republican Congress forced on the White House. He criticized Obama for betraying American values through “the expediency of negotiations with repressive regimes,” which makes me think that if Rubio ever saw a picture of Ronald Reagan shaking hands with Mikhail Gorbachev his head might explode.

Read Cohen's full article here.

Tags: republican party, presidential race, gop, foreign policy

Egypt’s Sisi Is Getting Pretty Good…at Being a Dictator

TCF fellow Thanassis Cambanis writes that Egyptian president al-Sisi is on the verge of acting like a dictator given his recent actions. The recent terrorist attacks and broken economy have left al-Sisi grasping for ways to assert and maintain his power, which has resulted in some heavy-handed tactics.

Today’s governing agenda in Egypt centers around three things: a crackdown on “terror” and dissent, maintaining a steady flow of cash from the Sunni monarchies of the Gulf, and modest economic reforms that at a minimum give the impression of vision and positive momentum.

Read the full version of Cambanis's article.

Tags: terrorism, egyptian uprisings, al-sisi


Foreign Policy

Foreign Policy

In the first years of the new century, an assertive foreign policy took a toll on the cultivated role of the U.S. as a responsible global leader. The Century Foundation's work in this area provides perspective on the international difficulties the U.S. is facing today, while providing policy recommendations to promote the nation's security interests. Our research and analysis focuses on effectively responding to challenges in the Middle East and Pakistan, as well as responding to international crime.

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