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Income Inequality Is A Major Barrier To Attending College

April 24, 2014 BY: Suzanne Mettler TOPICS: Education

TCF fellow Suzanne Mettler discusses income inequality in education with NPR's Morning Edition. Click here for the transcript and audio.

Tags: suzanne mettler, npr, income inequality, higher education, for-profits, degrees of inequality

How Did the Affirmative Action Ban Get to the Supreme Court?

April 24, 2014 BY: Halley Potter TOPICS: Education

TCF policy associate Halley Potter speaks with Al Jazeera America's Inside Story on the affirmative action ban and how socioeconomic factors can also encourage racial diversity in higher education.

Read more here

Tags: supreme court, schuette, michigan ban, higher education, class-based affirmative action, al jazeera america, affirmative action

Wonkbook: The Supreme Court deals a blow to affirmative action

April 24, 2014 BY: Richard D. Kahlenberg TOPICS: Education

Wonkbook mentions senior fellow Richard Kahlenberg's recent commentary on affirmative action in higher education after the Schuette decision.

Read more here.

Tags: wonkbook, schuette, racial diversity, race-based admissions, higher education, class-based admissions, affirmative action

The Case for Race-Blind Affirmative Action

April 24, 2014 BY: Richard D. Kahlenberg TOPICS: Education

TCF senior fellow Richard Kahlenberg speaks to The New Yorker on class-based admissions policies after the Schuette decision.


“If college admissions officers want to be fair—truly meritocratic—they need to consider not a student’s raw academic credentials, but also what obstacles she had to overcome to achieve them,” Kahlenberg notes. “A 1200 SAT score surely means something more for a low-income, first-generation college applicant who attended terrible schools than it does for a student whose parents have graduate degrees and pay for the finest schooling.”

Read the full article at The New Yorker.

Tags: the new yorker, schuette, race-based admissions, higher education, class-based admissions, affirmative action

Halley Potter on The Joel Riley Show

April 24, 2014 BY: Halley Potter TOPICS: Education

Policy associate Halley Potter represents class-based affirmative action on Ohio's The Joel Riley Show. Listen to the interview below.

Tags: schuette, racial diversity, education policy, college admissions, class-based admissions, affirmative action

OK, Michigan Can Ban Affirmative Action

April 23, 2014 BY: Richard D. Kahlenberg TOPICS: Education

Slate's Emily Bazelon discusses yesterday's Supreme Court rulling allowing Michigan to ban affirmative action, with reference to class-based affirmative action research from TCF senior fellow Richard Kahlenberg.


According to Richard Kahlenberg of the Century Foundation, who has studied affirmative action for years, in seven of the states that have banned it, leading and other public universities have maintained black and Latino enrollment and admitted more low-income students. As I explained in October, “Some of the schools have taken income and wealth and neighborhood into account. Some have plans that admit the top 10 percent of high school graduates statewide. Three have banned legacy preferences.” Those are strategies for achieving racial diversity that also improve socioeconomic diversity, which at many selective schools is sorely lacking.

Read the full article here.

Tags: scheutte, richard kahlenberg, college admissions, class-based affirmative action, affirmative action




Most K-12 education reforms are about trying to make "separate but equal" schools for rich and poor work well. The results of these efforts have been discouraging. The Century Foundation looks at ways to integrate public schools by economic status through public school choice. At the higher education level, we examine ways to open the doors of selective and non-selective institutions to students of modest means.

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