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The Century Foundation Expands Education and Workforce Teams

July 10, 2015 COMMENTARY BY: The Century Foundation TOPICS: Additional Focus, News About TCF

The Century Foundation has expanded its education and labor teams and is pleased to announce new fellows Robert Shireman and Julie Kashen.

Tags: labor, inequality, education policy

Hillary Clinton is more than content to run as a liberal populist

June 15, 2015 BY: Michael Cohen TOPICS: Additional Focus, News About TCF

On Saturday, Hillary Clinton made the first speech of her campaign for the Democratic nomination in 2016. TCF fellow Michael Cohen notes that the speech focused on domestic policy and represented a clear move to the left for Clinton.

This was a speech that read like a liberal wish list of domestic priorities. And unlike her husband and practically every Democrat of the last 40 years, she didn’t talk about big government being the problem, apologize for wanting to ask the rich to pay their fair share, or back away from calling for new spending. Over the last several years, Democrats have made a decided and unmistakable move to the left. If her speech is any indication, Clinton is more than willing to follow the pack.

Read the rest of Cohen's column here.

Tags: hillary clinton, domestic policy, democratic primary, 2016 election

Century Foundation’s Li to Chair Philanthropy New York Board

June 11, 2015 BY: Philip Li TOPICS: Additional Focus, News About TCF

The Century Foundation's Chief Administrative Officer Philip Li has been elected as Chair of the Board of Philanthropy New York, a nonprofit dedicated to supporting the work of philanthropic organizations in the New York City area.

At its 36th Annual Meeting yesterday, Philanthropy New York, the regional association of grantmakers with global impact, elected five new members to its Board of Directors and announced the new leadership of its Executive Committee. Philip Li, Chief Administrative Officer of The Century Foundation will become the Chair and serve a two-year term.
“At a time when Philanthropy New York is moving into an exciting new era with the creation of the new Philanthropy Center at 1500 Broadway, informed and deeply engaged leadership for our organization is more important than ever,” Philanthropy New York President Ronna Brown said. “Phil Li and the rest our committed Board Members are absolutely crucial to advancing our ambitious vision for the next decade and beyond.”

See more about Li and Philanthropy New York here.

Tags: philanthropy new york

Shannon Rieger Wins Janice Nittoli “Forward Thinking” Award

May 22, 2015 COMMENTARY BY: The Century Foundation TOPICS: Additional Focus, News About TCF, Special Projects

The Century Foundation is pleased to announce that the inaugural recipient of the Janice Nittoli "Forward Thinking" Award is Shannon Rieger of Berkeley, California.


People in the News: Appointments and Promotions

March 8, 2015 BY: Mark Zuckerman TOPICS: Additional Focus, News About TCF

Last week TCF's new president, Mark Zuckerman, joined our office for his first week on the job. Zuckerman's appointment made it into the pages of Philanthropy News Digest.

The Century Foundation has announced the appointment of MARK ZUCKERMAN as president. Zuckerman served in the Obama White House as deputy director of the Domestic Policy Council and previously was staff director of the House Education and Labor Committee. "From supporting and advocating progressive initiatives in the West Wing of the White House, to his work for the U.S. Congress, to his service as a community VISTA volunteer in Burley Idaho, Mark has demonstrated a firm commitment to the values we all share," said foundation board chair Bradley Abelow. Zuckerman succeeds JANICE NITTOLI, who stepped down in 2014 due to illness but continues to support the foundation's efforts through the Janice Nittoli Forward Thinking Award.

Read the announcement here.

Tags: white house, the century foundation, president, obama, janice nittoli, congress

POLITICO Playbook: Mark Zuckerman Named TCF’s New President

Today is the first official day of TCF's new President, Mark Zuckerman, and his appointment has made it into the pages of POLITICO.

OBAMA ALUMNI – “Mark Zuckerman has been named the next President of The Century Foundation, a progressive New York based think tank ... Zuckerman served in the Obama White House as the Deputy Director of the Domestic Policy Council.”

See the "must-read briefing" listing the announcement in POLITICO's Playbook.

Tags: president, obama, century foundation


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