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A Post-Paris Agenda for Climate Security at the UN

By Neil Bhatiya

TOPICS: Foreign Policy, Climate Change, Additional Focus, Climate Change

Following the Paris climate talks, TCF policy associate Neil Bhatiya explains why 2016 is an ideal year to revisit what the UN can do to address climate-related security risks.

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The Tragic Farce of El Chapo

In May 2014, TCF senior fellow Patrick Radden Keefe received an unusual offer: an opportunity to ghost write the memoir of Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán. Keefe ultimately said "no," and following both the publication of Sean Penn's interview with Chapo in Rolling Stone and Guzmán's capture on Friday, Keefe reflects on this opportunity and shares his thoughts on what's next for El Chapo in a new article.

One challenge of writing about the Guzmán saga is that, for such a tragic story, it has so many elements of farce. One former prosecutor I spoke with on Friday said that until Guzmán is extradited, “They’re probably either going to put him in a Mexican military brig, or they’ll just keep him moving from place to place, so he’s not in any one facility long enough to figure out how to escape.” Instead, on Saturday, Guzmán was shipped to Altiplano—the very prison he tunneled out of in July.

Read Keefe's full discussion of El Chapo's recent interview and capture at the New Yorker.

Better Know the Paris Climate Agreement

On December 12, the international community successfully adopted a climate agreement in Paris. To speak about what it took to reach the agreement, including India's role in its drafting, TCF policy associate Neil Bhatiya spoke with UN Dispatch.

Listen to Bhatiya's full interview.

Will the Paris Climate Accord Really Change the World?

On Saturday, the UN's 195 member states ratified a new climate agreement drafted in Paris. Many have already begun to speculate whether the plan will truly have a major impact on efforts to reduce the effects of climate change. TCF policy associate Neil Bhatiya's recent article on the agreement and its significance was cited by one such article seeking to assess the accord's strengths and weaknesses.

And again, most proponents of the agreement acknowledge the long odds it faces, but are savoring the win regardless. Foreign Policy's Neil Bhatiya tries to put the accord in context:

[T]his agreement, and the process behind it, was a statement of purpose by the international community: that amid a lot of divisions and seemingly intractable crises, nearly every country in the world could still come together, argue their interests, and, at the end of the day, put on paper a plan to save itself from an humanitarian and economic disaster.

The Paris agreement is not a perfect document, and it is by no means the last word on the subject. What it represents is the end of the beginning: the creation of an enabling document that puts the world on the right path forward.

Check out the entire article at New York Magazine.

Is India The Key To A Climate Change Agreement?

TCF policy associate Neil Bhatiya joined HuffPost Live host Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani and a panel of experts to discuss India's role in the Paris climate negotiations:


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Additional Focus

Since our 1919 founding, The Century Foundation has published work examining a broad array of issues including civil liberties, the media, campaign finance, and intelligence agency reform. This section provides a portal to many of those works.

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