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Progress and Frustration in Gun Control

August 28, 2015 BY: Michael Cohen TOPICS: Additional Focus

This week, Americans were shocked as yet another shooting tragedy struck the country—with the violence this time captured on live television. Following the deaths of two journalists at the hand of a lone gunman, TCF fellow Michael Cohen discusses the ongoing gun control debate and why Walmart's announcement this week that it will stop selling semiautomatic assault rifles is a step in the right direction.

The unfortunate reality is that change in America never comes quickly. It took a quarter century for same-sex marriage to become the law of the land; national health care had been a progressive goal for decades and, tragically, it might take as long for the national debate on gun violence to turn. But change is already afoot, and the fact that Hillary Clinton used the shooting as an opportunity to talk about gun control suggests that the politics on this issue are slowly being transformed.

See more of Cohen's thoughts on America's struggle with firearms at the Boston Globe.

Tags: walmart, nra, guns, gun reform, gun policy, gun control, boston globe

A Crime and Policing Expert Critiques Black Lives Matter’s Police-Reform Plan

August 24, 2015 BY: Harold Pollack TOPICS: Additional Focus, Rule of Law

TCF fellow Harold Pollack overviews the set of policy recommendations put forth by advocates of the Black Lives Matter campaigns popping up across the nation in response to police brutality.The proposals include reforms that would curb the abuse of fines and encourage the makeup of racial and ethnic diversity in the police force.

Overall, it’s a very useful and professional document, a very good start to the conversation. And based on my own research on urban crime and policing, which has included the implementation of randomized-violence-prevention trials, interviews with incarcerated offenders, and collaboration with public-health and criminal-justice authorities, several proposals in Campaign Zero struck me as particularly smart.

Read Pollack's full article from NY Magazine.

Tags: police reform, diversity, black lives matter

Citigroup to Planet: A Low-Carbon Economy Is Worth the Cost

August 20, 2015 COMMENTARY BY: Neil Bhatiya TOPICS: Foreign Policy, Climate Change, Additional Focus, Climate Change

In a new report out this week, Citigroup breaks down the cost of taking action on climate change—or the lack thereof. TCF policy associate Neil Bhatiya discusses key findings from the report.

Tags: renewable energy, global warming, energy, coal, climate change, clean energy, citigroup

Bernie Sanders Is Enjoying a Lift But Only a Fool Would Bet against Hillary Clinton

August 16, 2015 BY: Michael Cohen TOPICS: Additional Focus

Since entering into the spotlight surrounding the 2016 presidential race, Vermont Democratic senator Bernie Sanders has been drawing big crowds at his public appearances. Despite his popularity on the Left, however, TCF fellow Michael Cohen says that Sanders has little chance of securing the Democratic nomination.

In the end, there is, with only a few exceptions, a striking sense of unanimity among Democrats on a host of policy issues. And, in the face of growing Republican extremism, any differences that do exist are likely to be papered over in pursuit of the far larger – and important – liberal goal of keeping the White House in Democratic hands. Bernie Sanders may challenge Clinton on the campaign trail but, paradoxically, he’s more likely than not going to help her make it to the White House.

Read more from Cohen on Sanders's run at the Guardian.

Tags: presidential race, hillary clinton, democratic party, bernie sanders

How New York Could Convene Another Grand Jury Investigation Into Eric Garner’s Death

August 14, 2015 BY: Mark Zuckerman TOPICS: Additional Focus

In the months since a Staten Island grand jury decided not to indict the officer responsible for Eric Garner's death, there has been virtually no exploration of alternative means of achieving justice for the Garner family. TCF president Mark Zuckerman recently drew attention to the fact that a little-discussed clause may allow for a second grand jury to be convened in the Garner case.

But in the year since Garner's death, there has been another, curiously unexplored alternative to get justice: pressure local officials to simply convene another grand jury. In other words, if the case really was mishandled -- as so many protesters, politicians and pundits have suggested -- there can be a do-over.

"Far too little attention has been focused on another option: the discretion the current law gives to Staten Island’s court and district attorney’s office to order a new grand jury in the Garner case," Mark Zuckerman, president of The Century Foundation, wrote Thursday in an editorial on the prominent think tank's website.

Find out more at the Huffington Post.

Tags: police reform, police

Staten Island Justice Officials Should Consider Sending Garner Case to a New Grand Jury

August 13, 2015 COMMENTARY BY: Mark Zuckerman TOPICS: Additional Focus, Rule of Law

TCF president Mark Zuckerman calls on local justice officials to consider ordering a new grand jury in the Eric Garner case.



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