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Beyond the PDF – Communicating Academic Research Digitally

Bulletin mentions The Century Foundation in a recent article discussing digital communications in academic research.


But the future of research communications undoubtedly lies in maximising the potential of what US think tank The Century Foundation calls (via the always excellent ‘digitally-native’ reports and stories – something that has become a key part of own work at Bulletin.
A lot of the most innovative digital storytelling techniques are coming courtesy of the media (with the New York Times blazing a trail) and the think tank sector, particularly in the United States. We are pushing UK universities to take note – if university research is to play a more influential role in shaping social and economic policy, and enriching our culture, then they need to make sure the way they tell their research stories is fit for the digital age.

Read the article here.

Tags: wonk comm, the century foundation, tcf, digital communication

Julian Castro Should Visit Baltimore on the Way to His New HUD Secretary Desk

July 14, 2014 BY: Stefanie A. DeLuca TOPICS: Additional Focus

Next city mentions TCF fellow Stefanie Deluca in a recent article discussing the former mayor of San Antonio, and incoming HUD secretary Julian Castro.


After following 110 Baltimore Mobility participants since 2003, sociologist Stefanie DeLuca concluded that when housing choice vouchers are combined with sustained counseling, training and support, families will be more likely to move away from poor residential areas and not return. (DeLuca’s report on the program was published in the Journal of Public Policy Analysis and Management.)

Read the article here.

Tags: stefanie deluca, mayor castro, julián castro, hud secretary

Where Does $2 Trillion in Subsidies for the Wealthiest Hide in Plain Sight?

July 9, 2014 BY: Suzanne Mettler TOPICS: Additional Focus

Timeout mentions TCF fellow Suzanne Mettler in a recent article about government subsidies.


Tax breaks for investment income are massive in scope, but often overlooked in discussions about the proper size and role of the federal government. These subsidies are part of what Suzanne Mettler calls the "submerged state," government programs that deliver benefits indirectly, with recipients often not even recognizing that they are benefitting from public assistance.

Read the article here.

Tags: suzanne mettler, government subsidies

Is Eminent Domain Coming to New York City?

Housingwire quotes TCF fellow Robert Hockett in a recent article discussing eminent domain.


The move toward eminent domain in NYC could have considerable impact on the usage of eminent domain throughout the United States. “There are two kinds of cities that Wall Street can't frighten - those that have serious underwater loan and foreclosure problems, and those that have dedicated Mayors and City Councils,” said Robert Hockett, professor of law at Cornell University. “New York City is in both of those categories," he said. "Any serious measures taken in New York City to address underwater loans and foreclosure will be 'game-changing' nationwide.”

Read the article here.

Tags: robert hockett, new york city, eminent domain

The Political Currency of a Good Idea

July 1, 2014 COMMENTARY BY: Erin Nelson TOPICS: Additional Focus, News About TCF

Erin Nelson, TCF publications intern, made quite the discovery while sifting through archives at the New York Public Library. Edward Filene, TCF's founder, was ahead of his time when it came to understanding the global economy, Nelson writes. 

Tags: world war, think tanks, the century foundation, monetary system, international institutions, institute for international economics, governance, foreign policy, fiscal policy, edward filene

The Battle for Freedom

June 27, 2014 BY: Moshe Marvit TOPICS: Additional Focus

The Washington Monthly quotes TCF fellow Moshe Marvit in a recent article discussing his review of of Harvey Kaye’s The Fight for the Four Freedoms.


For historical ammunition, check out the review of Harvey Kaye’s The Fight for the Four Freedoms by the Century Foundation’s Moshe Marvit, in the new issue of the Washington Monthly. Kaye’s account covers the formulation of the Four Freedoms as including “freedom from want,” the huge influence it had on the world view of the “greatest generation,” and the vigorous backlash from conservatives ever since.

Read more here.

Tags: the fight for the four freedoms, moshe marvit, harvey kaye


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Additional Focus

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