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Andrew Fieldhouse
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Andrew Fieldhouse is a fellow at The Century Foundation, primarily writing about U.S. federal tax and budget policy and the role of fiscal policy on economic recovery. Andrew is also pursuing an economics doctorate at Cornell University. He previously worked as a federal budget policy analyst for TCF and the Economic Policy Institute, and was formerly an assistant budget analyst and research assistant with the House Budget Committee.

Andrew’s areas of research and interest include public finance, macroeconomic stabilization policy, public investment, fiscal federalism, and political economy. He has written extensively on the impact of contractionary fiscal policy impeding U.S. economic recovery, as well as the relationships between tax policy and economic growth, income inequality growth, and fiscal sustainability. Andrew coauthored Investing in America’s Economy: A Budget Blueprint for Economic Recovery and Fiscal Responsibility, a long-term progressive budget proposal by Our Fiscal Security—a partnership of Demos, EPI, and TCF—and helped EPI develop two subsequent adaptations of the budget blueprint for the Peter G. Peterson Foundations’ 2011 and 2012 Fiscal Solutions Initiatives. He also assisted the Congressional Progressive Caucus in developing, scoring, and modeling their budget alternatives for fiscal years 2012-2014. Andrew has provided frequent commentary on budgetary and economic debates, and has appeared as a guest on CNN, PBS Nightly Business Report, C-SPAN, CNBC, Fox News, Fox Business News, the BBC, and Al Jazeera English. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Political Science from Swarthmore College.

Latest Work by Andrew Fieldhouse
Labor Market Still Far from Recovered Five Years after the Great Recession
July 3, 2014
Chained CPI Is Dead, and the Grand Bargain With It
March 13, 2014
Budget Deficits Shrinking at the Expense of Economic Recovery
February 27, 2014
Only Progressives Care About Public Investment
December 12, 2013
Don’t Be Fooled by the Unemployment Rate
November 26, 2013
The Economic Recovery Cannot Be Taken for Granted
November 19, 2013
Government Shutdown Straight from Republican Party’s Playbook
October 1, 2013
Shutdown Maybe, Probably Still Happening
September 27, 2013
The Government Might Shut Down. Why Should You Care?
September 25, 2013
Dangerous Schlock Journalism and the Size of Government
August 30, 2013
Bunk Premises for a Bad Policy
August 14, 2013
The Austerity Trap
August 7, 2013
Moving Beyond Austerity
July 25, 2013
Want More Jobs? Use Tax Reform Revenue to Restore Public Investment.
July 23, 2013
Debt Shouldn’t Be a Four-Letter Word
July 9, 2013
Democrats Need to Get Serious About Raising Taxes on the Rich
June 20, 2013
How Much Can Tax Policy Curb Income Inequality Growth? Maybe a Lot.
June 14, 2013
Economic Expansion Versus Economic Recovery
May 31, 2013
Economic Policy Is Largely Being Driven by Obstructionism, Not Economic Advisers
May 30, 2013
Flying Blind: Conservative’s Frightening Attack on Economic Data Collection
May 1, 2013
Reinhart and Rogoff Couldn’t Justify Austerity Before It Was Debunked
April 30, 2013
Building a Tax Code for Today
April 30, 2013
Tax Day 2013: For the Vast Majority, It’s All About the Expired Payroll Tax Cut
April 16, 2013
The Obama Budget’s Misguidedly Lower Revenue Target
April 12, 2013
No, New Tax Cuts Will Not Pay for Themselves
April 4, 2013
Senate Democratic Budget Overly Focused on Deficit Reduction
March 26, 2013
Aggressively targeting a full recovery is the least risky thing you can do: Back to Work Budget edit
March 22, 2013
House Democratic Budget Would Also Boost Employment
March 19, 2013
Ryan proposes another path to fewer jobs and slower growth
March 12, 2013
Sequestration Was Never About Fiscal Responsibility
February 28, 2013
GOP Economic Sabotage Strikes Again with Sequestration
February 28, 2013
The Progressive Caucus’s Sensible Approach to Sequestration: Prioritizing Jobs and Growth
February 5, 2013
When and What Kind of Deficit Reduction Matters Most
January 25, 2013
The Importance of Revenue Revisited
January 24, 2013
Congressional Republicans Have Indeed Smothered a Rapid Economic Recovery
January 18, 2013
The Economic Context for Tax Reform: A Lot Has Changed in a Decade
January 8, 2013
The Budget Deal’s Labor Market Deterioration
January 3, 2013
Boehner’s “Plan B” Would Result in an Austerity-induced Recession
December 21, 2012
Best Fiscal Policy Development of 2012
December 20, 2012
Obama’s Opening Bid is Familiar and Sound
November 30, 2012
Since When Do We Congratulate Ourselved Just for Not Going Over a Cliff?
November 19, 2012
Navigating the Fiscal Obstacle Course
November 14, 2012
What Does President Obama’s Re-Election Mean for the “Fiscal Cliff”?
November 8, 2012
False equivalence in candidates’ budgetary unknowns
October 17, 2012
Even More Mathematically Impossible Tax Promises
October 4, 2012
Obama’s Budget Policies Would Be Better for Growth than Romney’s
September 26, 2012
What a Romney-Ryan Budget Would Mean for Americans
August 13, 2012
The Efficiencies of Publicly Provided Health Care, Revisited
June 28, 2012
FEATURING Andrew Fieldhouse
A Better Bargain for Higher Ed
October 29, 2014
The Threat That Could Scar the Economy for Decades
August 26, 2014
Bye Bye, Bernanke — Without You, We’d Be Way Worse Off
January 31, 2014
Regardless of Expert Advice, Policy Makers Continue to Suck the Wealth out of America
January 22, 2014
What Obama Has Done About Inequality
November 5, 2013
Obama Has Done Nothing to Address Income Inequality. Right?
November 4, 2013
The GOP Should Pay for Shutdown Foolishness
September 25, 2013
Can the Government Actually Do Anything About Inequality?
September 11, 2013
How Obama’s Budget Takes the “Middle Out” Down
August 8, 2013
Trading Tax Write-Offs for Real Growth
July 23, 2013
3 Dangerous Myths About ‘Revenue-Neutral’ Tax Reform
June 21, 2013
How High Should Top Income Tax Rates Be? Getting the Fight Right.
April 12, 2013
Obama’s Budget is Bad Policy and Bad Politics
April 11, 2013
How High Should Top Income Tax Rates Be? (Hint: Much Higher)
April 10, 2013
Forget Spending Cuts, the U.S. Economy Really Needs a $2 Trillion Stimulus
March 6, 2013
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