Workers & Economic Inequality

Jesus Was a Keynesian

Blog Post by: Michael Cassidy , on August 14, 2014

We can’t literally turn five loaves and two fishes into food for thousands. But thanks to fiscal multipliers, we can turn $100 of spending on food stamps into $180 in economic activity. TCF policy associate Mike Cassidy explains how.


Workers & Economic Inequality

Wanted: A More Aggressive MTA, Part 1

Blog Post by: Jacob Anbinder , on August 13, 2014

Are shopping malls the solution to the MTA’s financial woes? TCF policy associate Jacob Anbinder says that developing the areas around some of the system’s least-used stations could help to offset some of MTA’s operating deficits.



Separate but Unequal in College Greek Life

Blog Post by: Clio Chang , on August 12, 2014

TCF policy associate Clio Chang investigates elitism from the frat house to the fortune 500 and finds that Greek systems at the nation's elite colleges and universities are exacerbating class divides.


Foreign Policy

The Case for an Air-Travel Carbon Tax

Blog Post by: Neil Bhatiya, Jacob Anbinder , on August 11, 2014

TCF's Jacob Anbinder and Neil Bhatiya, examine the potential for carbon taxes on air travel within the U.S, in a piece for The Fiscal Times.


Foreign Policy

A Reality Check on Climate Change

Blog Post by: Neil Bhatiya , on August 11, 2014

TCF policy associate, Neil Bhatiya responds to some overheated optimism about how well-prepared we are to fight climate change.


Workers & Economic Inequality

In Defense of the Cheap Subway Ride

Blog Post by: Jacob Anbinder , on August 6, 2014

The New York subway costs the MTA about $4.23 per trip. The average fare is just $1.78. And that’s exactly as it should be, according to TCF’s Jake Anbinder.


Foreign Policy

NGO Law Threatens One of Egypt’s Last Lifelines

Blog Post by: Zeinab Khalil , on August 5, 2014

Photo by Sebastian Hordasch/Flickr

Egypt's interim legislators are proposing a law that would curb the freedoms of civil society and other nongovernmental organizations (NGOs). Zeinab Khalil, TCF's Foreign Policy Intern, examines the potential implications.


Workers & Economic Inequality

Why Labor Organizing Should Be a Civil Right

Blog Post by: Imhotep Royster , on July 30, 2014

Photo by Flickr/Judy Baxter

TCF labor intern Imhotep Royster looks at new legislation from Reps. Keith Ellison and John Lewis that would make labor organizing a civil right.


Foreign Policy

The White House and the Search for a Cost-Effective Climate Policy

Blog Post by: Neil Bhatiya , on July 29, 2014

TCF policy associate Neil Bhatiya says that the Council of Economic Advisers’ new report on climate change demonstrates the need for immediate action.


Additional Focus

How the Death Penalty Fosters Our Inner Devils

Blog Post by: Margaret Mattes , on July 24, 2014

In light of the recent botched execution in Arizona, Margaret Mattes, TCF domestic policy intern, shines light on our deepest, darkest desires when it comes to the death penalty.


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