Foreign Policy

Climate Change as a Development & Security Threat

Blog Post by: Neil Bhatiya , on November 16, 2015

Tags: vox, democratic party, climate policy, climate change, brad plumer, bernie sanders

In light of remarks made by Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders during Saturday's Democratic presidential primary debate, TCF policy associate Neil Bhatiya discusses the intersection of climate change and global conflict.


Additional Focus

TCF Pledges Support to Advancing Equity for Women and Girls of Color

Blog Post by: The Century Foundation, on November 16, 2015

Tags: women, white house, melissa harris perry

The Century Foundation will dedicate $250,000 in resources over the next five years to advancing equity for women and girls of color.


Foreign Policy

Lebanon Can Survive Bombings but Not Its Own Failing State

Blog Post by: Thanassis Cambanis , on November 13, 2015

Tags: syrian war, syria, suicide bombing, lebanon, hezbollah, beirut

A team of suicide bombers rocked a crowded southern suburb of Beirut on Thursday. TCF fellow Thanassis Cambanis explains what this means for the fractured state of power-sharing in Lebanon, as well as the nation's shaky future.


Foreign Policy

The Important Role of Adaptation in a Durable Paris Agreement

Blog Post by: Neil Bhatiya , on November 5, 2015

Tags: unfccc, paris, climate policy, climate change

Each country has now submitted their individual climate change mitigation proposals, but one element has lacked sufficient attention in the aftermath: the role of adaptation.



Why Senators Are Demanding Action on Covert For-Profit Colleges

Blog Post by: Robert Shireman , on October 26, 2015

Just a few weeks after the release of TCF's report on "covert for-profit" colleges, lawmakers have called for immediate action to be taken against these somewhat fraudulent educational institutions. 



ICYMI: TCF’s Latest Efforts to Invest in Kids

Blog Post by: The Century Foundation , on October 22, 2015

Discover The Century Foundation's latest efforts to expand early childhood care and learning for every family in NYC and beyond.


Foreign Policy

Former DOJ Lawyer Martin Lederman Agrees: Purdue Overstepped in Deleting Snowden Lecture

Blog Post by: Sam Adler-Bell , on October 21, 2015

Georgetown law professor Martin Lederman offers his legal analysis of Barton Gellman's experience at Purdue University, and finds that Purdue, indeed, made a mistake.


Foreign Policy

TCF Inaugurates Arab Regional Security and Pluralism Project

Blog Post by: The Century Foundation, on October 21, 2015

Tags: pakistan, middle east policy, middle east, arab world, afghanistan

The Century Foundation has received a two-year grant from Carnegie Corporation of New York to support research on Arab regional security and pluralism.



The Unfair Effects of IMPACT on Teachers with the Toughest Jobs

Blog Post by: Kimberly Quick , on October 16, 2015

Tags: teacher evaluation

Despite the good intentions of the IMPACT teacher evaluation system, the ratings system that it uses to distinguish teachers is not a realistic assessment of their performance or skill.


Foreign Policy

Inside Bashar al-Assad’s Syria

Blog Post by: Thanassis Cambanis , on October 16, 2015

Tags: syrian war, syrian crisis, syrian civil war, syria, russia, damascus, bashar al-assad

The Century Foundation interviewed fellow Thanassis Cambanis on his recent trip to Syria to learn more about his rare firsthand glimpse into the part of the country still controlled by President Bashar al-Assad.


Additional Focus

You Decide: Was Purdue Right to Destroy Video of This Lecture by Barton Gellman on the NSA and Edward Snowden?

Blog Post by: Sam Adler-Bell, Barton Gellman , on October 15, 2015

Tags: reporting, nsa, national security, edward snowden, barton gellman

The Century Foundation has obtained an audio copy of senior fellow Barton Gellman's keynote lecture on national security destroyed by Purdue University.


Social Insurance

When Anti-Abortion Activists Mislead, Women Suffer

Blog Post by: Clio Chang , on October 14, 2015

Tags: women's rights, women's health, pro-choice

The resources available to women that claim to provide reproductive health services may not always be as open and genuine as they claim to be, an issue that needs to be addressed to keep women healthy and safe.


Foreign Policy

Scholarship, Security, and ‘Spillage’ on Campus

Blog Post by: Barton Gellman , on October 7, 2015

TCF's Barton Gellman recently gave a keynote presentation at Purdue University, only to later find out that the university destroyed the video of the event to comply with the institution's high security standards.



NEW REPORT: Covert For-Profit Colleges Leave Students and Taxpayers Vulnerable

Blog Post by: The Century Foundation , on October 6, 2015

An investigation of four colleges by TCF senior fellow Robert Shireman reveals that the owners of some for-profit institutions have claimed to be nonprofit to free themselves from the regulatory and public image burdens of operating for profit, while continuing to reap the personal financial benefits of for-profit ownership.


Workers & Economic Inequality

Members-only Unions: Can They Help Revitalize Workplace Democracy?

Blog Post by: Moshe Marvit, Leigh Anne Schriever , on October 1, 2015

Tags: unions, uaw, nlrb, nlra, labor organizing

TCF fellow Moshe Z. Marvit and Leigh Anne Schriever examine whether the members-only union model could provide a way forward for the labor movement.


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