Foreign Policy

The White House and the Search for a Cost-Effective Climate Policy

Blog Post by: Neil Bhatiya , on July 29, 2014

TCF policy associate Neil Bhatiya says that the Council of Economic Advisers’ new report on climate change demonstrates the need for immediate action.


Additional Focus

How the Death Penalty Fosters Our Inner Devils

Blog Post by: Margaret Mattes , on July 24, 2014

In light of the recent botched execution in Arizona, Margaret Mattes, TCF domestic policy intern, shines light on our deepest, darkest desires when it comes to the death penalty.


Foreign Policy

UN Human Development Report and Climate Change Vulnerability

Blog Post by: Neil Bhatiya , on July 24, 2014

TCF policy associate Neil Bhatiya highlights important points from the most recent United Nations Human Development Report, released today. 


Social Insurance

Vox’s Poor Measure of Food Affordability

Blog Post by: Michael Cassidy , on July 23, 2014

Mike Cassidy, TCF policy associate, responds to a Vox article by Matthew Yglesias detailing the new affordability of food in America. As it turns out, this isn't the reality for many low-income households.


Foreign Policy

Measuring Pipeline Politics in Cronuts

Blog Post by: Erin Nelson , on July 23, 2014

Erin Nelson, TCF publications intern, views international pipeline politics through the lens of NYC's favorite pastry. 


Workers & Economic Inequality

What Do NFL Cheerleaders Have to Do With the Minimum Wage?

Blog Post by: Imhotep Royster , on July 21, 2014

Imhotep Royster, TCF labor policy intern, makes the case for professional athletes, including cheerleaders, to obtain fair wages for their labor. 



The Denial of Justice for Corinthian and, More Importantly, For Us

Blog Post by: Margaret Mattes , on July 18, 2014

Margaret Mattes, TCF domestic policy intern, continues to follow the for-profit institution Corinthian Colleges and its tenuous relationship with the Department of Education. 


Foreign Policy

American Unilateralism I Can Get Behind

Blog Post by: Neil Bhatiya , on July 18, 2014

In The Week, policy associate Neil Bhatiya looks at a new poll that finds Americans are eager for the federal government to combat climate change. 



For-Profit Schools Rely Too Heavily on Federal Funding

Blog Post by: Margaret Mattes , on July 15, 2014

Margaret Mattes, TCF domestic policy intern, covers the ongoing controversy surrounding Corinthian Colleges, the pre-eminent for-profit education corporation.


Foreign Policy

Civil Resistance Is Alive in Syria

Blog Post by: Zeinab Khalil , on July 15, 2014

Zeinab Khalil, TCF foreign policy intern, describes the fledgling civil resistance movement in Syria, which has now turned its attention on ISIS.


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