Maintaining Diversity at Learning Community Charter School

Blog Post by: Jason Renker , on September 12, 2014

At Learning Community Charter School in Jersey City, NJ, student diversity is so important that the board moved the entire school to maintain it, TCF editorial director and former LCCS president Jason Renker explains.



The Return to Innovation

Blog Post by: Erin Nelson , on September 9, 2014

Charter schools’ original focus on innovation has given way to a focus on increasing standardized test scores, says TCF blogger Erin Nelson


Foreign Policy

China’s Green Leap?

Blog Post by: Neil Bhatiya , on September 5, 2014

TCF's Neil Bhatiya takes a look at China's announcement of plans to introduce a nationwide cap-and-trade program in 2016 in an article for The Week.



Attracting and Retaining Talent with a Teacher-Centered Culture

Blog Post by: The Century Foundation , on September 4, 2014

On average, charter schools turn over 24 percent of their teachers each year. But at Soulsville Charter School in Memphis, TN, teachers stick around. Soulsville math teachers Jon and Teresa Alfuth explain that the key to Soulsville’s retention is giving teachers a voice in the school.


Rediscovering Government

Incarcerated Fathers and the Children Left Behind

Blog Post by: Clio Chang , on September 3, 2014

It’s become commonplace to hear complaints about missing fathers, but as TCF policy associate Clio Chang points out, many of these so-called “missing fathers” are actually in prison. Better-funded alternatives—especially for non-violent offenders—could put more fathers at home and keep more children out of poverty.


Workers & Economic Inequality

Wanted: A More Aggressive MTA, Part 2

Blog Post by: Jacob Anbinder , on September 3, 2014

In the second part of his series on shoring up the MTA’s finances, TCF policy associate Jake Anbinder argues that New York should hike subway fares on infrequent riders (aka, tourists).



Could Teach for America Lead the Way on Student Diversity?

Blog Post by: Halley Potter , on September 2, 2014

Teach for America's recent push to increase the diversity of its incoming teachers is good news. And TCF fellow Halley Potter suggests that there are some signs that the organization may take a leading role in promoting student diversity as well.



Charter Schools Turn 20. It’s Time for Teacher Voice

Blog Post by: The Century Foundation , on August 28, 2014

One of the keys to building quality charter schools: finding ways to tap into teachers’ expertise by giving them a voice in school governance. Guest writer Talmadge Nardi, a charter school teacher in Massachusetts, has the full story.


Additional Focus

Wait a minute, Mr. Postman: Why postal banking won’t work

Blog Post by: Jacob Anbinder , on August 27, 2014

TCF's Jacob Anbinder argues that allowing the Postal Service to provide basic financial servies is a bad idea, in an article for The Week.


Foreign Policy

Fossil Fuel Divestment: The Slow-motion Weapon in the Fight Against Climate Change

Blog Post by: Neil Bhatiya , on August 27, 2014

A new report from Bloomberg New Energy Finance shows why divestment alone is not a sufficient strategy for reducing fossil fuel usage. TCF policy associate Neil Bhatiya has the details.


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